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References - Referenzen


Eschenbacher Privatbrauerei GmbH

  • Repair of a damaged lauter tun rake with latching mechanism

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Delaware USA

  • Repair of a damaged lauter tun rake with latching mechanism

Dornbräu Bruckberg Karl Dorn e. K.

  • Design and installation of a reaction tank on parts

Bamberger Mälzerei GmbH

  • Repair of water tank: removing the corroded conical bottom and welding in an new cone bottom in parts

Allresto Flughafen München GmbH (Airbräu München FJS)

  • Optimization of the steam pipe installation: design, delivery and installation of all system components 

Hohenthanner Schlossbrauerei GmbH & Co.KG

  • Planning and delivery of a mobile beer meter for filling beer transport tanks

Roth Bier GmbH, Schweinfurt

  • Product, CIP and glycol piping of the new fermentation cellar

Ammerndorfer Bier Dorn Bräu H. Murmann GmbH & Co.KG

  • Planning and implementation of the piping for the new fermentig cellar and the new CIP plant

Roth Bier GmbH, Schweinfurt Germany

  • Piping of product - CIP - and cooling piping of the new fermenting cellar

Lindenbräu, Gräfenberg Germany

  • Optimize of lauter tun: Retrofitting of a grains diverter and a false bottom flush:  Integration in an osmosis system for water treatment.

Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits, San Diego, CA USA     -     Paulaner am Nockherberg, München Germany

  • Dismantling of brewery plant with two copper - cladded brewing lines each 500 bbl; cutting the vessels horizontal in two parts for transport; take out the vessels ( ø 26 ft.) of the building; Loading on trucks and transport to local harbor;

Birrificio Lambrate S.R.L., Milano, Italy    -    Birrificio Sant' Andrea S.R.L., Vercelli VC, Italy

  • Relocated of a 17 bbl pub brewery incl. revise of equipment;

Zum Löwenbräu OHG, Adelsdorf OT Neuhaus, Germany

  • Planning, delivery and installation of piping from wort cooling system, CCT - cellar and CIP system;

Victory Brewing Co. Parkesburg, Pennsylvania USA

  • Design, build and delivery of a fully automated hop strainer for whole flower hops 240 kg;                                                                  German patent, no.: 10 2012 102 455

Victory Brewing Co. Downingtown, Pennsylvania USA

  • Design, build and delivery of a fully automated hop strainer for whole flower hops 70 kg; Prototype;

Privatbrauerei Eduard Murmann GbR, Untersiemau, Germany

  • Kettle remodeling and installing an energy saving external boiler system

Victory Brewing Co. , Downingtown Pennsylvania, USA

  • Setting up and piping a centrifuge with plate cooler, mixing and reaction tank. Planning and optimizing the piping for an expansion of the brewing capacities.

Roth Bier GmbH, Schweinfurt, Germany

  • Integrate of two new cylindroconical tanks in the existing cooling circuit as well as in the product piping.

Pivovar U-Fleku, Praha, Czeck Republic

  • Repair of broken welds on the copper kettle

Wagner-Bräu, Kemmern, Germany

  • Construction of a complete malt handling system - from the silos to the mashing in point.

Wernecker Bierbrauerei GmbH & Co.KG, Germany

Brewhouse expansion into a three-vessel brewhouse by installing a 102 bbl wort kettle. Optimizing of piping for the purpose of a gently work processes; Integrating the unit into the existing controll system; Installation of a self-designed pre - masher TYP Zyklon. 

1880 Fritzlarer Dombräu GmbH, Germany

  • Copper repairs

Steinbach Bräu, Erlangen, Germany

  • Relocate and re-piping of the fermenting cellar with plate heat exchanger and refrigeration plant. 

Roth Bier GmbH, Schweinfurt

  • Setting up and integrate a new cellar CIP; Changing product lines; Piping of a new energy-saving boiling system including new steam pipes. Integration of the existing brewing vessels and a new brewhouse CIP.

Brauerei Bub GbR, Leinburg, Germany

  • Cooling- , CIP- and product piping of the new CCT cellar; Brewhouse overhaul;

Schlüssel GmbH & Co.KG, Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Installing an external boiling system including modification and overhaul of kettle and lauter tun.

Im Dom Betriebsgesellschaft mgH, Neuss, Germany

  • Overhaul and installation of a 9 bbl Kuchlbauer & Schüll - GHB

Meiers Lebenslust GmbH & Co.KG, Hanover, Germany

  • Relocation of a pub brewery 9 bbl.

HBX Brauerei, Hanover, Germany

  • Dismantling a complete pub brewery in Schweinfurt 9 bbl; Overtaking, assembling and commissioning of this plant unit in Hanover;

Allresto Flughafen München GmbH, Munich Airport Center, Germany

  • Brewhouse overhaul and service work on the milling system and KEG filler.

Ammerndorfer Bier Dorn-Bräu H. Murmann GmbH & Co.KG, Germany

  • Design, delivery and installation of a whirlpool, volume 38 bbl  in parts;  

Schlossbrauerei Reckendorf,  Georg Dirauf GmbH & Co.KG, Germany

  • Kettle remodeling and installation of an external boiler. Design and build a new whirlpool, volume 87 bbl; Delivery and installation in parts; Modifaction of the existing pipe work.

Brauerei Scharpf Heilgersdorf, Germany

  • Design, delivery and installation of a complete whirlpool for capacity 34 bbl including wort cooler and pumps;

Brauerei Friedmann, Gräfenberg Germany

  • Integration of a new cellar CIP, fermentation cellar with open fermenters and storage cellar; Piping of new water treatment; Optimizing the steam and condensate piping;

Altenburger Brauerei, Germany

  • Modification of lauter tun and piping works;

Brauerei Lieberth, Hallerndorf Germany

  • Piping a KEG-washer and new fermentation cellar; Reconstruction of a flotation tank 34 bbl to an automatically controlled fermentation tank by welding of cooling jackets.

Vasold & Schmitt GmbH & Co.KG, Neunkirchen am Brand Germany

  • Dismantling a complete Beraplan - brewing system 17 bbl in Marktschwaben; Relocate and installing the system in Neunkichen;

Brasserie Artisanale du Cateau Cambrésis, Le Cateau - Cambrésis, France

  • Relocate, assembling and commissioning of a pub brewhouse of TYPE SCHULZ - CASPARY

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